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Uploading your boats to your Spidersnet Marine website is a straightforward, simple process. Read this guide to see how easy it is to add stock to your website. For this guide we’re using to upload the boat, however, the process is exactly the same whether you’re using,, or

1. Firstly visit your relevant primary marketplace and log in to your account using your credentials. These marketplaces include:

2. To begin placing your ad, you will want to click on the ‘Sell my boat’ or ‘Place an ad’ button. You’ll then want to do the following:

a. Select a category for your boat.

b. Select a sub category.

c. Click ‘Next’ to continue placing your ad.

3. You’ll then want to fill in all of the general information on the next screen – see below…

4. Scroll down and you’ll see a box with the heading ‘Description’. Here you’ll want to write a description of the boat you’re selling.


5. Again, you’ll want to scroll down and fill in the box below, where you input the pricing information. Here you’ll want to fill in the following:

a. The currency your price is in.

b. The price itself.

c. The price options – whether it is negotiable, non-negotiable, POA or the price is from a set amount.

d. The tax options – whether it is VAT included and paid, included and not paid or VAT exempt.

e. The sale type – which outlines whether the boat is new, used, built by the owner or a demonstration boat.

f. The sale information – which allows you to highlight whether your boat is being sold by a dealer, as an exclusive sale, on behalf of a customer, privately, by a private vendor or trade.

g. You can then highlight if a ‘trade in’ is possible by ticking the box.

h. And finally you’ll want to set the sales status as ‘available’.

6. Scroll down further and you’ll be able to fill in:

a. The boat’s dimensions.

b. The boat’s engine and propulsion information.

7. Next you will want to scroll further down the page and fill in all of the other information about your boat’s equipment and interior as shown below…

8. Below this info, you should fill your personal contact details.

9. Now it’s time to upload images of your boat to feature in your advert.

a. Scroll down and click ‘Upload Photos’ before uploading all of the images of your boat.

b. Then you need to click on whichever image you want to use as your boat’s main image. Once you’ve done this it will turn blue.

c. You can also add a video to accompany your photos by pasting the YouTube URL in the box next to the ‘Video’ subheading.

10. Once you have filled in all of the information you can then click:

a. ‘Preview’ to view how your ad might look. If you then want to make more changes you can click the ‘Modify’ button to go back to the previous page. If you’re happy with how it looks you can then click ‘Continue’ to go through to the next page.

b. ‘Continue’ to carry on and finish uploading your boat.

11. Once you have clicked ‘Continue‘ you will be taken through to the last page. You simply need to choose the package you want to use for your ad and then hit the button at the bottom of the page that says ‘Finish‘.

Then your boat will be added to your website.

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