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Your dashboard is the main central hub of your website’s back end. It allows you to easily navigate your way around and view all of the different parts of your site.

It’s nice and easy to use, but to ensure you’re using your dashboard correctly, watch the video below or read our guide.

1. Firstly visit your relevant primary marketplace and log in to your account using your credentials. These marketplaces include:

2. Click ‘My Account’ and then ‘Account’. Then select ‘Manage Your Website’ on the right hand side.


3. You’ll then be presented with your website dashboard. On the main dashboard page you can view a number of statistics right away. You can see:

a. The date range that your statistiscs are from (you can alter this range yourself to see statistics over a different time period).

b. The number of sessions (pageviews) your website has had during that set time period.

c. The number of unique users (different people) that have visited your website during the time period.

d. The average number of pages people are visiting during the set date range.

e. The average time each user spent on your website during the time period.

f. The bounce rate (percentage of users that exit your site as soon as they arrive) in the set time period.

4. Below these initial statistics you will also be able to see a number of different charts highlighting other useful information. These include the following:

a. Organic Keywords – The different keywords that are driving traffic to your website split by volumes of traffic sent.

b. Referrals – The different websites that refer traffic to your site split by volumes of traffic sent.

c. Social Referrals – The differentsocial media platforms that refer traffic to your site split by volumes of traffic sent.

d. Landing Pages – The different landing pages on your site ranked in order of traffic volumes.


e. Exit Pages – This shows the last pages people visit before leaving your site, ranked in order of exit volumes.

f. New/Returning Visitors – This chart highlights the number of new visitors compared to returning visitors.

g. Sessions by Device – This shows the volumes of traffic that view your website on specific devices eg. mobile phones, tablets, computers.

h. Visitors by city- This chart shows how many visitors you get from specific locations.

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